My Blog Opening!

Think! Think!… think.. and there you go. I decided to start my blog. Not to mention how stupid I am when I was hesitant in making articles online. To make it clear, I was worried about organizing such blog. Not until I visited web logs from community. It's just like making your diary. Mind you that I already had my personal sites and the developing did not go well. One problem is that it takes time to develop and think what you want to include in your contents.

After all, I gazed to one of my favorite open-source blog engine and started using it. Less worries of development time and cost-free. It just need some tweaks to your look and feel. Quite pleasant that there's a blog engine that suits my needs. Not exactly that I dont find any other (good) open-source blogs but I find BlogEngine.NET as a good tool for me. It is build with C#.NET and its well-organized for others who would like to use it. You might like to visit this page since it summarizes all you want to know what the engine can do and can't do. There are very helpful guidelines in BlogEngine.NET wiki site if you want know more about the core functions. But anyway, I'm still a ->n00b<- of this blog engine, and still need to know more of it. For sure its a developer-friendly web app… a well-written C#.NET web app. I am grateful that it stays that way because I am already familiar with the language.

In behalf of the authors, we will introduce more stuff not limited to Windows Programming and Web Designing/Developing. Other topics will include Movie editing, developing games, ad campaigns and more. that could be found in category section. Any topics that I did not mention here will be added soon. If there's any request, and we find find it important then we'll be happy to post it here.

A day, week or month… I'll post sample projects in .NET, Visual Basic 6, php scripts, asp 3.0 etc… Not only in web developing but also in Database Programming with MSSQL, Sybase and MySQL. I will also cover some articles regarding Crystal reporting. Anyway, I expect that you will find this blog valuable. Thanks to the authors that impart their knowledge in this blog.

Most of the time, I might not (or let's say "I can't answer soon enough) able to reply to your query, but you can buzz me in my yahoo IM account > cliper83 or you can drop a call.

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