Forget “Remember Password” browser feature


This morning, I’ve read many posts about passwords that are stored in our browsers. Commonly, people tend to use these stuff because first, it’s easy to use, and second its defaulted to any browsers.

I use these features too. I did not have time to search for flaws and things like anyone can remotely access your saved passwords but who knows? it might be saved as plaintxt or not, it’s still not formal to save passwords in the browser.

Just this morning, I spoke to one of my close friend this morning and I ask for few tips about password management and he recommended and used PasswordSafe (


It’s actually easy to use and it’s open-sourced. GUI is free and you can find a precompiled version of it in sourceforge.

Let me share some screenshots on things to start with…

Note: To create a new database, you will be prompted at first start of the app. Make sure you click the button “New Dabatase”

and then choose where you want to save it.



When opening your PSafe data, start PSafe and select the dropdown box, if it’s not listed there then click the select button.

Also, it’s safe to use the virtual keyboard. But then if you got keyloggers already swarming your system then it’s recommended to do something for it.




You can also choose to view the file as Read-only.

Often, you will see a popup box “File In Use” and you have to choose Read-Only or Read-Write. Just make sure that you don’t have any PSafe running in the background. You can also check this in the right-bottom side of your screen near the system time.




To add entries, you can find it in Edit > Add Entry…



Hope these few screens will help you get started. Now, I don’t need to worry for keeping my password safe and secure other than trusting the browser’s “Remeber password” feature which is also suffer from attacks (and the browser itself) every day.

As I review the app, all you need is there, auto-generate passwords and most of the thing you need is there. So go check the software out. If you want to find more details on this project, you may refer to this:




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