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It’s quite sometime now that I posted in this blog. It’s because I am filing my clearance for resignation from FCB. Hope to change the header soon. But before that I need to change all settings that point to my fcb e-mail account.

A week before, I tend to meet one of the newly hired IT Specialist in the company. I have to turn-over everything and give some advice. Day past, I’m able to check my files and hand it over. After that I visited the departments to see if I have accountabilities. So another day ends, I’m finally cleared.

Well, of course I can’t tell you what’s the reason but I can tell you about “where you work really matters?”. No pause of that. Of course it matters. As well as you decide where to go to college. But anyway, will talk more about that in later articles that I planned to post.

So moving forward… here I am. I can still post. I can still develop more business solutions. My experience in the bank is really awesome. Been an IT Specialist there for three years and it’s very interesting that I had (at least) gain knowledge in banking. I consider it as a compliment to those who helped me and assess my talent. I would like to extend my thank you to all specially in my project manager.

What to do next?

Well, I hope to have such time posting to this blog. There are a lot of changes that I need to consider and pull it through. Hope things will be very pleasant. I still have a plan to take a holiday given that I’m still choosing options (not bad). Anyway, I’m very realistic when it comes to choosing jobs. What I want to say is that I had my 3, 5, 10 years working plan and I have to do what I need to do since it’s really what I want. Hmmm.. very confusing. Don’t mind it anyway. We all have plans and it matters a lot to what we want now and in the future. And by that future… (I don’t like to extend this one. LOL! Very funny!)

So what to do next? Well, (next is do), (next is to too), (what is next), and (do is what). Confused? Hope not.

I’m going to post more samples in C#. I can’t stand coding in VB.NET anymore but I’ll still include VB.NET sample source-codes in any article it may have. I hope to see more comments because I will cover some topics in .NET like Namespaces & Assemblies, Constructors, Overloading, Types, Nesting Classes, Classes & Objects, Inheritance, Data & Value Types and lot more!

Finally, I am very grateful that you keep on reading my posts. I would also like to express my gratitude to all the bank employees of First Consolidated Bank. Thank you and more power!

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