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Hi, welcome to my blog. Well, this is my first formal blog since I started developing websites. My previous personal sites are quite not effecient. Although this will be a rough start, hope you will consider the errors that are posted. In addition to that, I will keep this blog as simple as possible, keep comments answerd promptly, and considerably an enjoyable blogging environment.

Basically, my blog will cover ideas regarding windows programming and web development. This might be a good place to just hang-around but I will give my best to organize things so that this blog can be valuable to you or your group. You might find this blog an ad site (hope not) however, I will maintain this blog to be an ad-friendly and helpful tool for you.

About comments, I would love to answer them and I don't mind if it's not worthy enough just feel free.

About categories, yes… I'll add more categories (means no limit? hope not!). Whatever it takes. It's because I'm interested in many things that I'd like to share with you guys. Requested topics might help too.

About authors, well, there's two person that I already added as an official author of my blog. One of them is Reynan Maninantan, a Junior Software Engineer and the author of spawnthing.com. Other is Shiloh Impang … an IT geek and a respected Freelance Web Designer/Developer. They will join us and share their expertise in Web Developing and Java Programming. Now, if you're interested in joining with us you may read more below.

About spam, ammm… hope no geeks will ever come here and give us fake comments. It's really annoying.

About articles as well as the contents in every page. I will check it regularly for errors. If you find anything (anything that your self will not agree), there's a little handy contact page (if you don't mind) you can send me an e-mail and I will look into it ASAP. One good thing that I want to note is that I prefer more detail about the problem. Another thing is I barely speak English but I prefer to use it as a primary lang of this blog. Wish to see more wrong spelling/grammar (lol). There's a couple of lang I've learned but its computer languages. Some of it will be part of articles (so no big deal. You speak it too?).

About login account, Huh? No account is needed to read articles or download sample apps. Comments are open to everyone.

Privacy… information about what the blog will collect when you visit this site, post comments or send an e-mail can be found here.

Last and foremost, it is my pleasure that you visit/read articles often. And for that, I am also open to blog authors who whould like to share interesting topics as well as issues regarding and not limited to the blog perspective. You  may contact me using the contact page or send me an e-mail.

Best regards,

Mark Neil Borromeo
IT Specialist

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