Rebuilt Magento Indexes in terminal with php-cli


For the past 6 months, had been doing a lot of work with Magento. I’ve notice that the more I know the whole thing, the more I don’t want to share about it. Well, I still like to share some things though… so now it’s time to give some tips/tricks…

In your terminal do:

cd /magento/shop/path/shell/

where “/magento/shop/path” is your magento rooth path. For e.g. (in live terminal)

user:~$ cd /home/cliper/magento/shell/

after that, you can run the indexer by doing:

php indexer.php reindexall

that will re-index all available indexes in magento.

Well, you can always run it in one command like:

php /home/cliper/magento/shell/indexer.php reindexall

For help on how to use the indexer and available arguments do:

php indexer.php

For a list of available indexes do:

php indexer.php info

and you should be able to see a list of indexes something like this:

catalog_product_attribute     Product Attributes

catalog_product_price         Product Prices




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