ASP.NET Datagrid with MySQL

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hi, back again.. I'm glad that I'm not the only one reading my posts here.

There's someone e-mailed me today and would like to
have some samples on how to bind data into an datagrid control with MySQL. well, I ran to my computer
and code the app. And here it goes. It takes me 1 minute to code. Wow, so be careful with bugs. I runned it twice in a
debug mode. No release happen so please read the code first.

About comments, yes.. I only commented the web.config file since I don't know what to type from the code for now.
Still busy. But, I'll explain the code later when they ask. lol.

Anyway, there are lots of bulk blogpost (pending) in my notebook. I'll post it later when I'm home.

Again, thank you guys for reading.

Here's the project solution.

mysql_datagrid.rar (98.14 kb)

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