Web Hosting


Finally, I've decided to serve web hosting services for those web developers who can't afford the $$$ expensive $$$ web hosting services out there. I'm offering a fixed rate (since that's what in e-commerce) for the hosting.

Basically, I want it to be flexible and more innovative than other existing web hosting providers here in bohol. Actually, I'm in the level 3 of the hosting layers. What I mean is that, I am renting the leased boxes from a hosting provider. So that means I am a reseller. :).

Anyway, to be exact, both Linux and Windows OS's are supported. Both have an extensive & competitive feature. Prices are in peso value so no worry with those “fluctuating” dollar rates every minute.

I thought of providing this to students for educational purposes. Still, there are many of my clients migrated into it.

Anyway, I’ve added a category for this named “Web Hosting” so I’ll keep you posted.


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