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I’m concern of the current rate. Just started to quote some
of the reports…


“New year’s resolutions for IT Pros in a Down Economy

Laying workers, yahoo, intel? This happened most often in
October 2008 some are preparing for a break, uncertain economic future by
cutting costs and focusing on efficiency. This has been achieved obviously
achieved through layoffs. This is also common to web companies that require
little physical capital. They burn rates quickly and dramatically.” quoted from


“Most common companies: Federated Media, AMD, Autodesk,
O’Reilly Media, Google, Oracle, Motorola, Seagate, Lenovo, Dell, Logitech,
Western Digital, Sun Microsystems, DivX, SanDisk, Sony, Yahoo, IBM Japan, NBC,
Adobe Systems etc.” updated list can be found here:


there are even some reports for plan furlough of california workers…


hope it will not happen in our country (Phil)

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